WS is a multi-purpose company with over twenty years of experience in the construction of components dedicated to the Formula 1 sector. It represents a landmark for TIG welding and more generally in the field of welded constructions and mechanical processing and is structured to follow the customer from the initial design and co-design phase, up to the realization and control of the finished component. Thanks to the collaboration with WS, it was possible to define the foil attachment system, the cornerstone of Inesse's proposed innovation, as well as to collaborate on the design of other important elements.



Rea Marine is specialized in the construction, renovation and maintenance of boats of all kinds, as well as in the construction of models and moulds. The founding members have many years of experience in the pleasure boatbuilding sector, working in collaboration with well-known Italian shipyards. Since 2016, Rea Marine has developed a specific experience in the production of carbon products infused with epoxy resin. The production of carbon epoxy products is considered a cutting-edge technique in the shipbuilding sector (and not only) and Rea Marine was the first to use it for the production of large-sized products. Thanks to the collaboration with Rea Marine it was possible to design and produce a boat entirely made of carbon fiber, light and resistant.



Since 1963 the name Rolla Propellers has been associated with the highest efficiency and quality propellers in the world. Today, after more than 50 years of activity, Rolla offers a complete hydrodynamic engineering service, unique in the sector, from CFD analysis of the hull to the supply of the most sophisticated propellers designed with CFD. Thanks to its technological leadership, Rolla offers products in which the propeller has a dedicated design and model for each specific application. In addition, Rolla collaborates closely with the shipyard throughout the entire production process, right up to assistance during sea trials. The partnership with Rolla has made it possible to identify and produce a type of surface propeller capable of being efficient even when submerged, in order to meet the needs of application on the Superfoils15.



With the utmost care and attention to detail, Atelier Zanasi produces upholstery and coverings in leather, fabric and other materials for cars, motorcycles, boats and accessories. Atelier Zanasi in particular deals with the personalization of the interiors of high-end sport cars, from design to production, in order to give its customers the most elegant finishes on their products. Thanks to the collaboration with Atelier Zanasi, it has been possible to bring on board the Superfoils15 typical distinctive elements of sports cars, introducing a new type of interiors and finishes in the nautical world. On board the Superfoils15 cushions, pilot seats and interiors are handcrafted in the most refined versions to give a special touch to the yacht.



Nanoprom is a leading company in Italy in the research and application of nanomaterials in the field of surface protection. As part of the collaboration with Inesse, several cutting-edge products have been applied to further improve the performance of construction materials and increase their resistance. In particular, Nanoprom has dealt with the treatment of several surfaces including those of the tanks for a thermo-insulating treatment, the interiors for greater resistance to moisture, the underside of the hull to reduce friction, and more. As a result, from the collaboration with Nanoprom, Inesse has been able to benefit from the use of advanced technologies for the nautical sector.



Fim Premec is an excellence that has been operating for decades in the field of precision mechanics. Thanks to the use of advanced machinery, extensive experience and professionalism, is able to follow its customers, including the highest levels of the motorsport industry, until the realization of the required details. Experts in metalworking, Fim Premec has collaborated with Inesse in the supply of custom components for the flight system and other systems.