"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible. And suddenly you'll be surprised to do the impossible." Saint Francis of Assisi


History says there are Gods, Heroes and men. We are just men who have decided to act like Heroes, because we have decided to believe in our dream without hesitation.

We believe that dreams have the power to push those who believe in them to the end, beyond the obvious, the possible, the already existent. We have believed in our dream: a boat with wings capable of going anywhere, without limits and in total safety.

A boat that thinks, reasons and decides even when we stop doing so, a boat that dreams like us because it is hungry for unknown and hidden destinations and wants to go and discover them. A boat that is hungry for the future made of experience, technology, inspiration, ecology, nature and freedom.

At first we thought that the madmen were the ones who scream and smash, then we realized that the madmen are the ones who remain silent and who build, first in their minds then in reality their dreams, together with those who believe them. This is how was born the boat that flies, sails, decides, chooses, moves, helps you and above all makes you have fun.

Today, we want to share with you our dream that is already a reality, inviting you to get on our boat to touch what until yesterday was impossible. We want you to be, even for just one day, a Hero Man, together with us.


Started in 2016 with the goal to drastically innovate the marine pleasure market, Inesse has been founded by Marco Sgalaberni, a former Ferrari F1 engineer. Driven by the values that rule into the F1 industry, such as high performances, precision and abundance of technology, the CEO’s mission has been to transfer these core values into a daily cruiser, to offer to the marine users a highly impactful innovation.

In order to do so, it has been necessary not only to adopt the core values of the automotive industry, but also to adapt to its creative processes, methodologies as well as to the productive techniques. While building the Superfoils15, the first of Inesse products, many players operating in the field of automotive and Formula 1 have played a key role in providing custom components. An example is the partnership with Dallara Compositi, which was successful to jointly create the foils, our trademark.

In addition, besides structural components and technology, in order to make the SF15 user feel like he’s inside an hybrid vehicle, part motorboat and part supercar, also the finishing and the details are inspired from the automotive sector and accurately designed and crafted by Italian artisans usually working on the interiors of the highest end cars.


Inesse Corporation is a company founded in 2016 by a team of engineers and professionals operating in the fields of Formula One, the America’s Cup, the yachting sector and luxury car design.

The solidity of the project comes from very high level of experience already built up by Inesse’s team in the development of foiling technologies in the America’s Cup (2013 edition) on the AC72 Luna Rossa catamaran.

Top competences covering all the aspects related to the design and engineering made possible such an innovative concept of motorboat, specifically in the field of highly advanced electronic controls, characteristics of composite materials, naval architecture and design.


"We can't settle for a technology that is only Sustainable... We want to design a technology that can Inspire"

The green core of the project...

The SF15 has been designed to be respectful of the environment in which it lives. Since the initial design it has been engineered in a way it can be easily disassembled, both for the replacement of certain components and for environmental disposal.

Equipped both with diesel engines and electric motors, the SF15 has a hybrid propulsion, that enables to move in ports or travel in natural protected areas in a silent and ecological way.

However, what makes the SF15 unique and truly environmentally friendly is the reduced consumption of fuel, that goes up to 50% thanks to the innovative foils system. Through the foils the hull raises above the water level and we obtain a significantly lower water resistance on the yacht itself.

...that drives our future.

It is the same sustainability that we pursue that inspires and guides our future steps. Inesse is already planning a fully electric version of the Superfoils15, equipped with foils and totally green.

We strongly believe that both of them, the foils and the electric propulsion, will be the future of sea navigation and our goal is to transfer this technology to other marine applications and open to new ways of sea transportation.


"Today passion alone is no longer enough... must be supported by Values"

Our inspiring values

Inesse values the people in its organization and promotes an environment where the employees can feel comfortable in, and are proud to be part of. Initiatives such as smart working have the twofold objective to improve employee’s lifestyle and have a positive impact on society, also from an environmental point of view.

As an organisation we strongly believe in the people that are part of it and while promoting the internal welfare we also take care of the whole value chain. The attention therefore goes also outside the perimeter of Inesse and extends to the suppliers, with the goal of continuously improve the quality of the production chain and partner with the key players.

As a company with robust social ties, we think is part of our duty to support other realities and entities that share our values, specifically we want to act through projects that are "forever and for everyone". We are Italian and we found it natural to start from Italy, trying to support an entity with a long-term vision "forever and for everyone".